Unparalleled and imposing

The new Dreamoc Diamond will help you present your brand or product in the most elegant way possible. The large display attracts the attention of anyone, regardless of the location.

Derived from the aesthetic shape of a diamond, this new type of holographic display elegantly glorifies your product in the most visually impressive way. Designed and developed in collaboration with Danish designer Steffen Schmelling, the Dreamoc Diamond offers our most exquisite Dreamoc experience at this time..

With 4-sided visibility, this is one of our largest mixed reality displays ever built, specifically designed for events and brand activations in shopping malls, trade fairs, and other high-traffic locations.

The diamond-shaped optics allow for larger products than ever before to become enveloped by superimposed holographic content.



  • Display measurements: W2360x H1710 x D2360 mm
  • Resolution:1920:2160 (960×960 pixels per side)
  • Input: content plays from an SD-card.
  • HDMI input for real-time interactivity.