AmTRAN, owned by Alpha Wu who is the sole proprietor, are mavens in the world of Research and Development with 300 top­notch engineers developing everything from hardware to software.

AmTRAN began their enterprise by focusing on television and monitor sales and are one of the world leaders in Flat Screen development.

Their brand, Vizio, which is one of the most sold television brands in the US market, allowed the consumer market access to more cheaply priced devices, yet maintained the same quality as competitor brands such as Samsung and Sony. In addition, they also own the TV brand names of Sharp and JVC in the USA and also supply OEM TV panels for some of the largest brands.

To put this in layman’s terms, if there was a proverbial hill in the world of television production; AmTRAN would reign as king supreme. They are currently producing 7 million screens a year, meaning that capacity of production is never an issue.

With a concrete understanding of building a supply chain, AmTRAN managed to etch out this monster brand and virtually influence the global television market.