The way we perceive the world is changing. Thanks to modern technological advancements, our definition about reality evolves.
The DeepFrame system is a revolutionary augmented reality display, that already sets new standards in the industry, bridging the gap between real and virtual trough realtime presentations. Viewers can experiment with small and large animations, without the need of other VR devices.

DeepFrame will boost the entertainment factor for any expo, commercial gallery or museum.

A new dimension of interaction and augmented experience

Rediscover history by virtually reconstructing ancient cities or long-gone marvels of the world. See the dinosaurs and other museum exhibits come to life right before your eyes. Imaginations is the only limit.

Use DeepFrame to create an animated guide to your store or radically change the buying process, by giving the power to your customers when it comes to the colors and design of a product.

Technical Specifications

You got to see it to believe it!

Signaling a new evolution stage for product interaction, DeepFrame perfectly combines the human, environmental and technological contributions in order to create experiences and entertainment that blends reality and 3D digital content.

The biggest display on the market, DeepFrames’ window-like display is made from a high-precision optical lens, combined with a curved OLED screen that projects digital content through the lens to create a virtual layer on top of reality.

By overlapping augmented digital content over an actual physical space, DeepFrame transforms our surroundings, creating life-like scenarios you and the environment around them can see, experience and interact with.