Holographic Projection is a new and exciting technology based on a special 3D visual effect. The technology is inspired by an old Victorian theater optical illusion called “Pepper’s Ghost”. The science behind this illusion has been, of course, calibrated to modern standards and redesigned to project life-like, animated imagery onto any kind of stage.

The Holographic Projection technology has been recently used to bring two very regretted artists back on stage: For the 2012 Coachella edition, they used this technology to shock and amaze the audience by showing Tupac Shakur on stage alongside Snoop Dog and Dr. Dre. The public was in awe! And for the 2014 Billboard Awards, the same technology was used to bring Michael Jackson back on stage.

What you’ll need to know:

Each and every Holographic Projection setup is custom made. We encourage you to contact us and tell us about your ideas and vision. We will make it come alive.

We use an image reflecting foil to create the 3D effect. It is invisible to the naked eye. This special foil is strung up alongside the scene at a special angle. This is why every setup is custom made. Our special light projections makes the 3D image come alive in front of the audience. The results are extremely realistic.

Technical specifications:

A standard Holographic Projection setup is 6 meters wide, 6 meters deep and 4.5 meters high. However, we can design custom systems with different width specs, depending on our client’s needs. Each measurement will be adjusted at scale to fit the stage. We can create a projection system of up to 8 meters high. Please bare in mind that each Holographic Projection system is custom designed for best results, so please contact us to discuss your own needs!

Temporary installations:

The Holographic Projection system it’s adjustable to different stage shapes and dimensions. It can be installed anywhere, depending on our client’s needs. The Holographic Projection works equally well in large concert halls and smaller spaces – like expo stands or theaters. We can design a customized holographic display which will be perfect for your needs.

Permanent installations:

The Holographic Projection 3D system can also be designed for a  permanent type of installation. We can do this anywhere around the world. This type of setup is perfect for museums and permanent exhibitions, but also for a company’s headquarter or a brand’s showroom. A holographic presentation of your brand or product can be a very powerful marketing tool that will help you stand out from the competition and make a lasting impression.