The Ferrero Rocher anniversary was truly special

Christmas 2013 coincided with the 30 year anniversary for Ferrero Rocher – one of the most prestigious praline and chocolate companies in Europe. They took this opportunity to come up with a brilliant campaign. It reminded people why they loved Ferrero Rocher chocolates and pralines.

Ferrero commissioned 40 Dreamoc Scandinavia 360 XXL displays. They were placed as the centerpiece of the Ferrero chocolate stands, in all the major malls and shopping centers around France. As so happens, the pyramid shape of the Dreamoc display fits perfect with the company’s visual theme: For years, Ferrero Rocher’s iconic imagery featured a pyramid made of pralines and candies. This time, however, they chose to showcase a single candy, floating at the center of the pyramid display, with magical 3D effects weaving around it. The idea was that each Ferrero candy is so precious, so special, that it becomes the perfect gift on any special occasion. Needless to say – the campaign was a huge hit, with massive sales.