Asus & Dreamoc – a match made in heaven!

The consumer electronics market is highly competitive and fast paced. Because of this, it becomes vital to choose a marketing campaign that will grab people’s attention and differentiate your product from the competition’s. And it’s a very hard thing to do, with many global brands and products competing for the same place in the lime-light. The computer brand Asus managed to do this by using the power of holographic content marketing. For the launch of their new netbook – Zenbook UX301 – they used the Dreamoc displays to showcase the innovative features of their new product.

Asus placed several Dreamoc displays in selected electronics stores and shopping malls and integrated their new netbook within the display case. The interactive holographic presentation was designed to showcase and highlight the features of their product. The campaign had amazing results! Besides from grabbing everybody’s attention, the audience made a positive mental association between the amazing holographic presentation and the technical features of the new netbook. It directly influenced consumer’s perception. In the end, using the Dreamoc holographic displays in stores had a significant and tangible impact on conversion.