Hologram projections are the marketing tool of today!

Through complex holographic projection systems, suitable for both temporary and permanent installations, our experts help you realize excellent presentations that will surely capture the attention of the public.

About us

With an experience of over 9 years in audio-video industry AVCOM ENTERTAINMENT expands its activities to the 3D presentations. We provide our clients a wide range of advanced video equipment, digital production services and latest 3D technologies.

We create complete holographic projection systems, temporary and pemanent installation. In addition we offer our clients consulting and technical support for the events they will undertake: professional projection equipment, LED screens and various sizes of LCD displays.

Dreamoc range of products available for both sale and rent, are innovative marketing tools, making any presentation or conference stand a magnet for potential customers or business partners.

This range includes: Dreamoc HD3, Dreamoc XL2, Scandinavia Dreamoc 360 XXL 180 XXL Dreamoc Scandinavia and Dreamoc Play application.

Our video mapping services bring the show to the streets through shows of video projection made directly on buildings or other objects. In recent years, this technology has lots of applications in marketing. Using special software, our customers can create stunning 3D effects or provide the public with the feeling that a static object is suddenly animated. Visual effect and emotional impact are extremely powerful. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a dynamic 3D image, offers a deeper impact.

Our portfolio includes clients such as 3M, Nikon1, Forbes Romania, Oriflame, Gillette, Orange Romania, RCS-RDS, Rompetrol, Accenture, Philip Morris, JTI, Novartis, Abbott, Servier, Summer Well, The Mission, Romanian and international artists. For more information and details about our services and offerings, go to our contact page.

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Learn about the history of holographic projections:

  • First Pepper's ghost demonstration by John Henry Pepper

  • First teleprompter is build by Hubert Schlafly

  • AVCOM ENTERTAINMENT opens in Romania

  • First Hologram presentation in Romania - made for Rompetrol

  • Steve Forbes & Donald Trump for Forbes Romania

  • First live person - hologram interaction for Oriflame

  • Worldwide launch of Nikon 1 for Nikon

  • 2Pac hologram at Coachella music festival

  • Hologram and laser show integration for Gillette

  • Moonlight Breakfast holographic concert for Orange Romania

  • Michael Jackson - Slave To The Rhythm - holographic concert - Billboard Music Awards

  • 3M Pyramid

Our portfolio includes:


“I can say that Avcomm is one of the most serious and professional partners we have and working with Avcomm technicians always took place without problem. Their  solutions have always respected our requirements and wishes, even when we did not know exactly what we want. “

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