Scandinavia 180 XXL

Dreamoc Scandinavia 180 XXL is a large display that offers an 180 degree viewing angle. Thanks to its impressive size, this model is perfect for exhibits, trade shows and all kinds of large spaces. This is the biggest Dreamoc display in its class. Scandinavia 180 XXL is designed so you can impress your audience with original and memorable 3D presentations. The Dreamoc technology helps you make your product come alive with intricate and dynamic holographic imagery. Your audience will be captivated!

The Dreamoc displays have been used by many companies and brands to launch new products, to raise brand awareness and to stage truly memorable presentations. Just check out our Case Studies. The Scandinavia 180 XXL will help you draw a big crown and it’s perfect for large spaces such as malls, shopping centers, trade shows and exhibits. Step up your marketing game, stand out from the crowd and put on a truly memorable show with the new Dreamoc holographic display cases!


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Products Facts

  • WxDxH assembled: 1778 x 1778 x 2187 mm
  • Weight assembled: 170 Kg (approx.)
  • Projection 3 psc. 46” Full HD LED Screens
  • Resolution Full HD Video 1920x1080p per side
  • Consumption 600 Watt (max.) 435 Watt Typical
  • Content WMV9, MPEG2 is supported
  • Audio option: 5.1 THX surround sound
  • Key protected door
  • Easy change of content
  • Sound out Mini-Jack
  • Flight cases are included

Case Studies

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