AVCOM ENTERTAINMENT & www.holograma3d.ro designs and creates premium holographic content on demand. Our client portfolio includes top brands and companies . We are a team of dedicated and experienced project managers, technical engineers, video editors, 2D&3D animators, lighting consultants and network administrators. We are ready to take on your project and make your ideas come to life. We are confident that we can deliver any project!

AVCOM ENTERTAINMENT & www.holograma3d.ro also offers consulting services regarding holographic content and technologies. We can help you amaze your audience!

We offer:

  • Consulting services regarding content, lighting and staging
  • Project management integration with other agencies and teams in order to deliver big scale projects
  • Post production and content analysis – to make sure your content will work flawlessly
  • Full service content creation – from brief to completion

Contact us, let us know about your ideas and we’ll help you turn them into reality. Most of the times, our clients are not sure whether or not their ideas are feasible in terms of holographic or animated 3D imagery. We are happy to consult and advise. Let us know what you’d like to accomplish and we’ll deliver that and even more!