Corvaglia Weltweit changed the way we look at plastic bottle caps

Some products have a natural ability to generate hype and excitement amongst consumers – such as the launch of a new iPhone. On the other hand, some products seem so mundane, that it is very hard to showcase them as exciting or innovative. Although they usually are. Corvaglia Weltweit is one of the biggest manufacturers of plastic bottle caps in the world. In order to showcase just how special and skillfully designed their bottle caps are, the company chose an innovative approach.

At the 2013 Drink Tech Expo from Munich, Corvaglia Weltweit chose a Dreamoc HD3 holographic display case and a custom-made presentation that wowed and amazed the audience. The center of the display featured a tower made from real bottle caps. All around it, the holographic presentation told the story of the product, showcasing the skillful design and the level of craftsmanship that went into each plastic cap. The Corvaglia Weltweit presentation unveils the magic behind the mundane, the extraordinary behind the ordinary.